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Backyard Wedding Ideas


So you’re thinking about having a DIY wedding? These cute events are a lot of work, but totally worth it when you get to see your own personal style incorporated everywhere you look.  When my cousin got married this past March she had an adorable backyard wedding with DIY decorations as far as the eye could see.  The entire event was so charming and cute I wanted to share some of the ideas from it with you all!

There were a lot of cool wooden pieces scattered throughout the backyard from partial walls to wooden frames and hand-lettered signs. I loved how overall it gave the whole event a really charming, rustic feeling.


Signs like these are actually super easy to make yourself if you have particular sayings or quotes you would like to incorporate in a space. I know that the majority of these were picked up from a crafting store like HOBBY LOBBY or MICHAELS, but don’t be afraid to bring out some paint and pencils and give the signs your own personal look!


I loved the styling of these wooden wall partition things that Jack built for the wedding reception. The wood itself is beautiful (and would make incredible headboards), but it is the addition of the hand-lettered chalkboards, cross-wall, and photo-frames that gives such a cute personal touch.


Going with the rustic and wood feeling, getting photos printed on pieces of wood was a really cool way to incorporate even more personalized photos while still keeping a consistent theme throughout the event.

You can order these online from places like WOODSNAP. You can CLICK HERE to see the exact personalized 6″x6″ wood print they used throughout the event. Overall, I thought they turned out really nice and would be great to hang up in a home after the event is over.


A great way to add life and beauty to an event is to get some lovely flowers for the table settings. Even small mason jars make cute little vases to hold the flowers adding a pop of life and color. They just tied some simple twine in a bow along the top, placed some flowers in and it was done.


This photo booth area was a super cute and easy DIY. They draped a quilt over a brick fence wall, added a bench and a basket of party props and the whole thing was ready to go. A photographer stood there and snapped cute photo booth photos against the set-up and they turned out really cute!


Finally as guests were leaving the reception they grabbed little candy-filled mason jars as a thank you gift. It was super cute, yummy and tied in with the floral centerpieces from the tables. After I ate the candy from mine I actually now use them as vases and will always have the jar as a nice reminder of the wedding.

There are plenty of other DIYs you can do to add some personality to a backyard wedding.  I just wanted to share with you all a few of the things my cousin did at her wedding. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look through the photos I took of her ceremony by clicking here, SEMON WEDDING.

Hope you all got some ideas from this to help decorate any event!

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