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Blanket Jacket DIY


There is nothing like snuggling up under a cozy blanket in the fall, but since I can’t bring my blanket around with me when I leave the house I thought I would modify it into a jacket!

To make your own you need a blanket, scissors, a ruler, chalk and sewing supplies.

To start lay the blanket out folded in half. Measure out how thick your arms and midsection are with the chalk and cut out the shape. To be honest, I wasn’t that worried about being super precise with this since I like the baggy look, but laying out like when you were little and drew chalk circles around your body honestly works well if you remember to add an inch out to every line for the seams. When it is cut you will have a piece that looks like this. Pin up the left and right side leaving the bottom and sleeves open. Then you are going to sew up those sides with either your sewing machine or by hand. The way I laid mine out was great because the bottom was already hemmed for me. Next, on the front side of the blanket cut straight up the middle. Hem up where you cut and either hem or roll the sleeves. Out of the leftovers cut out two pieces in a pocket shape you like. Sew them onto the front and this piece is just about ready to wear!

I love how comfy this blanket is to wear around the house and because of the pattern it looks cute too! Winter is coming…stay warm my friends.



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