Cactus Glass Pot


ALL OF MY PLANTS ALWAYS DIE. And I seriously don’t know why I suck at keeping them alive. But this little cactus…well he is a special cactus. Out of my nice bowl of succulents I planted in March this cactus is the only one still standing, AND before I planted my little bowl of succulents he was the only one still standing from the previous batch.

Therefore I decided this plant deserved his own special pot. SO I found (stole) an old glass candle holder of my mom’s and decided to add a simple pop of color.

I painted a teal stripe along the bottom of the glass, and waited for it to dry before repotting my favorite plant in it.

Now this super special plant has his very own home! Ya know instead of living in a bowl filled with a dozen dead succulent carcasses. Hooray for plants that require minimal effort.

But seriously if anyone has any advice at all on how to keep succulents alive I would love to hear it, because I swear I do everything right but then the leaves all start swelling up and dropping or the whole thing dries out.

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