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Clay Pumpkin Candle Holders


Holiday decorating season is in full force, and in honor of the fall/Halloween spirit I wanted to add some festive pumpkin candles into my apartment. I saw an idea on pinterest to hallow-out tiny pumpkins and place tea lights inside. However, I wanted to make a version that would last for a while without decaying and had leftover air-dry clay so I figured I could show you all how to sculpt your own pumpkin candle holders out of clay!

First, take a tealight and wrap clay around the plastic container in a general round blob shape. Then cut out slivers of clay. Place the clay vertically on your already existing clay smoothing the bottom and sides down as you attach each piece. Round out the edges of the piece of clay so that it looks curvy like a pumpkin. Keep adding and shaping pieces around the candle. I used a bobby pin to help with creases and smoothing parts of the clay. When you are finished let the pumpkins air-dry overnight! If you want to add some color take the tea light out and paint the pumpkin! I wanted a black and white color scheme, but you could also do classic orange, yellow or even teal!

Then your new pumpkin candle holders are ready to go! I love how adorable and festive they look on my mantlepiece and they won’t get gross like real pumpkins do. >>

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