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Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you all a quick apartment update. I mentioned at one point that I was ready to change out my mantlepiece art, and I had been dying to get these desert photos that I took in Arizona printed. This is the end product!

I LOVE them. The photos from left to right are supposed to represent sunrise, daytime, and sunset. I just really love the colors in each photo and it is nice to have some desert vibes out in the midwest.

Next on the list of apartment to-do’s is to figure out a more permanent solution for all of my books. I’m not sure if I want a large bookshelf, or small floating shelves, or whatever else would work. All I know is that I have a lot of books that are currently in boxes on the floor.

I also need to figure out something to hang on the wall just to the left of this mantlepiece…it’ll probably be something DIY’ed. I just need to decide on what exactly I want to make.

So we shall see what happens next, but until then keep making beautiful things everyone!

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