Dinosaur Fossil Costume


While it may be a little last minute, my idea for a quick diy Halloween costume really came together! It was super cheap, easy to make and ended up being really cute. So if you are looking for some last minute inspiration here is what I did when I made my dinosaur fossil costume!

By cutting up and paper plate and adding tin foil pieces I was able to make the base of the mask.

I then covered the entire thing in artist tape to give the mask a bone-like appearance. Then taped string on the sides so that I could tie the mask around my head.

I used the artist tape to make a rib cage on a nude colored dress.

And just like that I had the pieces I needed for this costume!

Throw on a pair of nude shoes and this look is ready to go! And the best part is afterwards I could peel the tape back off the dress without any damage to it.

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