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DIY Conversation Heart Rings


When you think of Valentine’s Day you think chocolate, flowers, and conversation heart candy…obviously. But other than being cute and great to pass out in grade school do conversation hearts actually have any uses? I mean are there people who still eat these things? Since I don’t, I thought it would be fun to turn a few heart shaped candies into some really cute rings to wear this week!

To make your own, you need some conversation heart candies, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, 20 gauge wire in the color of your choice and either E6000 or a hot glue gun.

Start by cutting off a small piece of wire, making sure it is slightly longer than the circumference of your finger. Then, using the needle nose pliers wrap one end into a loop along one side of wire. Gently wrap the wire into a circle shape. I generally used my fingers for reference and wrapped the wire around the finger making sure it was just snug enough to not fall off. If you cut the wire too long initially you might have to trim excess down before twisting the other side into a loop. The two loops should sit pretty much one on top the other.

Make sure the wire loop ring fits the finger you want to wear it on before gluing the heart onto the wire loops. Once your heart candy is secured you will not be able to adjust the wire anymore.

Let the glue dry…and there you have it!

Rings that look good enough to eat! Except you can’t…because of the glue…and like I said before they aren’t that good.

You could also flip the hearts over when you glue them down so that they are just solid colored hearts without any text if you prefer them that way. Overall it’s just such a cute holiday statement ring! I hope you all have fun making them! >>

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