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DIY Earrings


I recently started making several sets of my own earrings, the first being the set of POKEMON EARRINGS I shared here a few weeks ago. Well, as promised I wanted to share with you all how I made those so that you can make some of your own.

I got a pack of 25 pairs of blank earring backs from amazon. In addition to those you will need air dry clay, E6000 adhesive, a straw, and sharpies or paint.

Start by rolling out a medium size ball of clay and smashing it flat. Then use the straw to roll out the clay evenly. Use the straw to cut several circle shapes out of the clay. When several circles are cut out, wait overnight for the air-dry clay to dry out. Then using either markers or paint color the circles. I used gold and black sharpies for these, sometimes filling in all or half or marbled patterns on the various sets of earrings. You could use a variety of colors or even shapes if you are feeling ambitious.

The circles should fit onto the earring back posts pretty easily. Using a small amount of E6000 industrial strength adhesive glue the posts onto the clay circles. Once the glue is dry these earrings are ready!

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