DIY Patterned Napkins


Anyone down for a new set of napkins? Ever since I ice-dyed some throw pillows a few months ago I have been excited to try the process again on something new, and I thought making some nice cloth napkins would be the perfect DIY.

Making your own set is actually super easy! To make these yourself you need:

-Set of white cloth napkins (I used these)

-Powered Dye (I used this one)


-Bucket to Collect Dye Drippings

-Cookie Cooling Rack to Put Over Bucket

-Black Fabric Markers (I used these)

For this how-to I started with my napkins already dyed. I listed the supplies to do this process yourself above and you can learn the steps in my DIY Ice-Dyed Throw Pillows post, or you can purchase cloth napkins that are already dyed.

After dying my napkins overnight, washing them and letting them dry, I used the black fabric markers to make this design. Draw three short lines horizontally and right next to them draw three more vertically alternating between the two. I did this fairly quickly so that it had an imperfect look to them. On some versions of the napkins I drew the pattern on the entire napkin while on others I only did the edge or halfway to give some variety.

I really love how these turned out and I cannot wait to use them soon! Guess I will need to have some people over for dinner soon!



Have you made your own napkins before? I’d love to see them, tag me on social media with your pics!

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