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DIY Table Runner


One of the things about moving into a new place is trying to fill in all the little gaps and details around each room. My dining room table had been looking a little bare to me lately so I thought that it would be a good idea to get a table runner to help keep it warm. Of course I didn’t find anything I liked so naturally I decided to take a trip to the fabric store and make it myself. This DIY is super easy but turns out amazing.

To make your own table runner you need sturdy fabric of your choice, scissors, pins, thread, and a sewing machine or just a sewing needle if you’re feeling ambitious.

Start by laying your fabric out of the table to get a feel for what it’ll look like and how large you want the final product to be. I got two yards of fabric and ended up not cutting it at all lengthwise.

A table runner should be about a third the width of your table. I made mine a little wider than that, but that was just a preference thing when I laid it out. Also, the ends should hang over the edges about 6 inches per side, but it doesn’t have to hang down if you don’t want it to.

Cut out the fabric to your desired size leaving an extra inch on each side of the fabric to hem it up.

Pin up the sides of your fabric to create the seam.

Then sew along the edges! Like I said before you can even sew it by hand if you want since really this is just four straight lines.

I then went ahead and ironed the wrinkles in the fabric.

And placed it on the table! Now realistically you probably should line the back with something soft, but I didn’t feel it was necessary in this case.

Overall, I love the way it turned out! The geometric pattern looks bold and modern with the mid-century modern table and chairs. It also really plays well with the geometric area rug.

It really makes a huge difference having this table runner out in my dining area now, and I couldn’t be happier with it! If you are out and find the perfect fabric don’t be afraid to buy some and do it yourself. It’s only four straight lines and turns out amazing…you can do it! >>

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