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DIY Terrarium Pins


I love pins. I love plants. And I love terrariums. So naturally I combined all three of those things into one DIY. Today I’m going to be showing you all how to make your very own terrarium pins! This DIY is probably my favorite one that I have done this year, and it’s actually easier to do than it looks.

To make these pins you need:

-Clear Shrinky Dink Sheets (You can get them here)

-Terrarium Print-Out (Get mine to print out here or draw your own)

-Multi-Colored Sharpies (This pack is good)


-Pin Backs (I got these)


-White Paint

Start by printing out the terrarium sheet I provided or draw your own on paper. Then trace the shapes onto the Shrinky Dink plastic sheets using permanent markers. Keep in mind these will shrink to about 1/3 of the size when finished. I went over my lines twice to darken them. Then use the colored sharpies to color in the plants leaving all of the other areas blank.

Once everything is colored with the Sharpies, carefully cut out the shapes along the edges with your scissors.

Follow the instructions in the Shrinky Dink package to bake your shapes. They will shrink to about 1/3 the original size. Curling in the oven is totally normal, but be sure to make sure they start to flatten out again before removing them from the heat. You can also quickly press down on them with paper or an oven mitt to flatten them out fully after removing them.

After the shapes cool off, use the white paint to paint the back of the pins. Be sure to only paint in the areas directly behind the plants and on the bottom of the terrarium leaving the “glass” see through. On a few pins I decided to only draw on a black outline with Sharpie before baking, and then painted the green color on after shrinking the pieces. The painted versions had a more vibrant green than the baked-on permanent marker color did, and I tended to prefer these pins so keep that in mind when making your own.

After the paint is dry use E6000 to glue the pin backs onto the backs of your pins. Make sure that they are placed in the spots you have painted so that they cannot be seen from the front of the pin.

After the glue dries these pins are done! I love that the clear plastic of the Shrinky Dink is see-through and mimics a glass terrarium in a way that traditional pins can’t do. They would also make super fun DIY gifts!

I’m so obsessed with these that I seriously might make another batch just a tiny bit smaller, but overall I love the way these turned out! Tag me on social media to show me yours!

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