Ela’s Bridal Shower


Earlier this month I went to a bridal shower for Ela and Ed and wanted to share some of the photos and ideas from the event with you all!


The hall itself was lovely. With chandeliers and large rooms this banquet hall  was an elegant location for the shower.


I love this idea so much! To add a personal touch to the shower these custom wine labels were printed out and placed on wine bottles at the table. Each table setting had either a mini bottle or wine bottle stoppers and the head table had full sized bottles. It was so cute to see the photo of Ela and Ed at prom 28 years ago, and was a great take-away for the guests.


The table centerpieces were these cute flowers in a vase. Everyone at the table wrote their name on a card and placed it in the heart-shaped bag. Then when Ela and Ed went table to table they picked a name from the bag to win the centerpiece.


The sweet table was massive and delicious. From custom cookies to candy and cakes this table had everything!


When you walked into the hall there was a wine cork guessing game in the front where you guessed the number of corks in the barrel. They also played a what’s in your purse game where everyone checked off what they had in their purse from a list and the one with the most checks won. The prizes were the full sized wine bottles with the custom labels.


After lunch, they opened their presents, unraveled some toilet paper to see who will wear the pants in the marriage and posed for some pics.

Can’t wait for the wedding! Congrats Ela and Ed.

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