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Embroidered Door Sign


The way that my apartment building is laid out can be a little confusing for someone who hasn’t been there before. There are several different buildings, many doors and not very good signage connecting everything together since it is such an old building. I wanted to make a cute little sign for my door so that anyone coming to visit me can easily identify which door is mine!

I thought a nice embroidered piece would be the perfect touch! I started by writing out my name and address on my cloth in pencil with some pretty floral designs. (I either blurred or photoshopped out my actual address line in these photos so bare with me but it is there in person I swear.)

I’m just learning embroidery so you can probably tell in my stitching where I started and where I learned some new tricks and got better. It’s really fun and relaxing thing to do though; I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Even though the piece looks a little tiny on my large front door, I do love the way that it turned out especially since I’m very very new to embroidery. But I think that it is overall such a fun thing to do and will be making a whole bunch more in the future!

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