Harnish Wedding



It was beautiful day in the Michigan countryside, and an even better one for Lauren Walsh and Toby Harnish as they got married at MillCreek Barn.

Driving up onto the gravel road you are greeted with this adorable sign directing traffic to respective locations.

The barn and grounds were picturesque, and the weather was perfect. We arrived a bit early so there was some time to mingle and look around before the ceremony started.

And for me that meant take as many pictures as possible.

When you first walked into the dancing area of the barn the names of every guest were hand-written on these elegant cards indicating which table number they would be seated at for the reception.

Photos of Lauren and Toby were displayed in various locations in frames and hanging from cute clothespins throughout the entire space.  It was such a cute personal touch to see them throughout the various stages of their relationship.

The guestbook was on a small table with their initials on it. Two other small tables for envelopes and gifts were on either side.

And when you looked up at the ceiling in the reception area . . . just wow. Paper lanterns, string lights and an overall charming, cozy feeling swept over the entire room that looked to be an addition to the original barn where the dancing area was.

My parents even wandered over to the area where a fire pit would be later that evening at dusk.

This cute “merrymaking” sign pointed in the direction of the alter.

A post with this basket of programs stood nearby the seating area. I loved the simplicity of the programs, and the stamped-on silhouettes of the couple at the top were perfection.

The ceremony began right on time. The bridal party made their way from inside the reception building to either side of the steps surrounding the alter.

And then a beaming, beautiful bride made her way down the aisle in a gorgeous princess gown. I’m not sure I’ve seen a happier couple as they prepared to exchange their vows.

After a lovely song, and some scripture they washed each other’s feet . . .

Exchanged their own personal vows . . .

And were pronounced man and wife! Toby even went in for a second kiss!

Congratulations Lauren & Toby! I’m still so happy for you both!

There were then some light refreshments and appetizers as the bridal party took photographs with family and friends.

Then everyone proceeded to the banquet area for a delicious gourmet burger buffet complete with mac and cheese and salad sides following communion.

The food was delicious, and I personally was obsessed with the mismatched plates and water goblets. (I may have even picked my seat to get the design I liked the best.)

Then for dessert there was a seemingly endless donut bar on a table in either corner of the room. They were SO good!

I literally had at least three.

Their wedding cake was beautiful and simple. It mimicked the same neutral greenery that was in both Lauren’s bouquet and the table centerpieces.

And of course the sock monkey bride and groom made an appearance.

They cut their cake and fed each other sweetly with forks.

And after some speeches from the best man and maid of honor everyone proceeded over to the dancing area to watch their first dance.

And the two of them happily danced the night away.

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