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House Embroidery Patterns


Embroidery is such a fun way to inject some personality into your home and nothing feels homier to me than houses! So I designed some simple house embroidery patterns for crafters at any level to give embroidery a try.

In order to embroider these yourself just download the free patterns I attached at the bottom of this post and print them out. Use tracing paper trace over the pattern. Then transfer the pattern to your prepped fabric using carbon paper. Pick out your thread colors and you are ready for stitching! The great thing about this series of embroidery pieces is the variety of homes you can add to the series! It is as simple as printing out photos of houses you like, tracing and simplifying the outlines to create more patterns for your series.

For my set of embroidery I choice to do a simple 3 color palette using dark blue, green and pink. Rather than filling in the houses with full color I only lined the homes using a backstitch and completely filled in the plants to make the embroidery pop. On the larger house I used a variety of thread thickness including 4, 2 and 1 strings. It is a 6.5 inch hoop design.

The smaller houses are a 4 inch hoop design. For the little houses I used the same color palette but with thinner thread, 2 and 1 strings. This helped tie the two pieces together so they will display nicely.

If you do embroider either of these patterns be sure to tag @urk_art in your finished products so I can see what you came up with! I’d love to see all of the different variations on these. I keep imagining how cute these would look with a red door… if you try it, let me know!

Download the late house pattern here: Urk-Art Embroidery Pattern Large House

Download the little houses pattern here: Urk-Art Embroidery Pattern Small Houses

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