Inktober 2017


Literally cannot believe that it is already halfway through October! It’s my first time ever attempting to do Inktober so I’ve been trying really hard to keep up, and thought I would share my progress so far. For those who don’t know what Inktober is; it is a challenge to create an ink drawing every day in the month of October. Typically it is used as a way to break bad digital drawing habits and hone traditional skills. I’ll link to the official Inktober Site here so that you can check it out.

I know that a lot of artists make up their own prompt lists, but so far I have been trying my best to follow Inktober creator, Jake Parker’s official Inktober prompt list. I’ve been adding some sort of flower/plant themes throughout to make it my own. And while I am already a little behind on creating one every single day I am still pretty pleased with the overall progress! Here are 10 drawings from days 1-15.

What do you think so far? Is the black and white ink a good aesthetic or should I try incorporating some color the rest of the month? Also wondering if maybe I should switch to a more Halloween type theme as the holiday gets closer…I guess I’ll have to see where the rest of the month takes me!

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