Lady Face Cups


This is one of those quick, easy and fun DIY projects to do on a lazy afternoon. I didn’t even really plan this one out like I normally do. Just picked up some sharpies, white porcelain cups and got to doodling. I wanted to do a simple face design and came up with these!

Making your own is as simple as drawing this basic face onto a plain white cup with Sharpies. Two half circles for the eyes with three lines for eyelashes coming off. Then two dots for a nose, two larger pink ovals for cheeks, and a simple mouth. After you draw the design onto the cup its time to bake the design on! I placed my cups into the oven first, then preheated to 350. Once the oven heated completely I left the cups in there for 30 mins before turning the oven off and leaving the cups inside to cool.

I think that these turned out so dang cute I cannot wait to start using them for coffee and tea.

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