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Macrame Photo Wall Hanging


I decided it was time to add a little decoration to my wall. I love the look of macrame wall hangings and wanted to make one that incorporated some photos to personalize it. This is what I came up with.

I got a set of 25 photos printed from a site called PARABOPRESS to use for this project. If you’re interested in getting a set of your own use this code URKSQ to get your first 25 square prints free, just pay shipping. Otherwise feel free to print out your photos any way you like. They make it easy to print out photos straight from your Instagram feed so that is what I did for this project. They add the white border and everything

To make this wall hanging yourself you need 21 4″ printed photo squares, scissors, a 36″ wooden dowel rod, hot glue gun, macrame cord, cotton twine, and elastic bands.

First start by cutting lengths of the cotton twine to make the tassels. To make the tassels I wound five loops of 10″ length. They get folded in half when completed so the finished tassel is about five inches long.

I decided to lay them out next the the photos so I could see how I wanted to arrange them all. I went with three cords per row of photos. So you need to make 21 sets of loops.

Then I cut the thicker macrame cord to the varying lengths I had laid out and attached the twine tassels to the ends using the clear elastic bands. You wrap the twine onto the cord using the bands backwards so that they get flipped upside-down and you no longer see the elastic. Then cut the loops on the bottom to finish the tassels.

I then measured out and hot-glued each cord to my dowel rod so that they are evenly spaced. It is easier to do this step as well as attaching the photos when balancing the entire thing on two chairs so you have easy access to both sides.

Then I staggered the photos onto the cords attaching from the back with masking tape so that they can be removed in the future if I want to replace any. You could also arrange the photos in a grid or other shape if you prefer, but I thought this worked best with the way I arranged the bottom tassels to fall.

Once all of the photos were placed in a way that I liked this wall hanging was ready for the wall!

I really love the way this piece turned out. I might even make another smaller one using the extra photos I didn’t use making this. Be sure to send me a photo of your final piece if you decide to make your own!


10 comments on “Macrame Photo Wall Hanging”

  1. I am trying to make this but am wondering if you could help me find the proper macrame cord and cotton twine? I am having a hard time finding the exact materials you used so any guidance would be helpful!

  2. Just bought a house, my husband clearing out old trees and bushes brought me in the most awesome stick with tree growing around, this will be perfect. I am helping my husband while he paints so will send photo when I get it done. Thanks so much. Joan

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