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Monster Candy Dish


Can’t say I will have any trick or treaters at my apartment this year, but I still wanted a small bowl of candy out to get me into the spirit. Keyword here is small bowl considering I will be the one eating said candy.

I thought it would be fun to make a monster candy dish out of air dry clay to hold my bag of candy!

Start by rolling out your clay to about a 1/4 inch thickness. I used stacking bowls to cut and shape the dish. So I used the larger bowl to cut a circle out of the clay. Then positioned the circle of clay over the small bowl to give it shape. I also pinched around the edges to make it uneven and cracking adding dimension to the bowl. Once the clay dried I painted the inside pink. And the outside a nice teal. Then once the pink inside was dry I added randomly place white triangle teeth throughout. And various sized white circles around the outside for the eyes. Finally using some black paint I completed the eyeballs and when everything dried my monster dish was ready for some candy.

I placed some candy into the dish and this monster was ready to put out. It looks adorable on my table and doesn’t hold an excessive amount of candy to keep my sweet tooth in line.


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