Eats / Holiday

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Flag


The two most irresistible sweets, chocolate and strawberries. Combine that with a good ol’ American flag and you have the perfect Fourth of July treat. Independence Day is only one week away, and if you are looking for an extra snack platter idea to add to your BBQ spread, this simple chocolate covered strawberry flag is your solution.

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DIY Fish Keychains


With Father’s Day right around the corner I wanted to share a fun and easy DIY project inspired from dads. Now my dad isn’t a fisherman so I’m not entirely sure how I got this idea, but he does like to eat fish, and he likes me so I figured he would probably like a handmade fish keychain. Plus they are super cute to make for yourself too.

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Lady Face Cups


This is one of those quick, easy and fun DIY projects to do on a lazy afternoon. I didn’t even really plan this one out like I normally do. Just picked up some sharpies, white porcelain cups and got to doodling. I wanted to do a simple face design and came up with these!

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Since We Fell. Into The Water. And More.


Wow. This month was so good in the book department.  I was super excited to get reading these titles after I picked them out and they did not disappoint one bit. I even ended up lending two of them out already for others to read, because that’s how much I liked them.

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DIY Gold Brushed Marble Macarons


Don’t know about you all, but I haven’t had a macaron in a while. I figured I should without a doubt change that fact. And while I know I don’t usually ever share edible DIY’s I have been dying to use this edible gold paint I got and thought macaron decorating would be a super fun thing to share!

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DIY / Style

DIY Terrarium Pins


I love pins. I love plants. And I love terrariums. So naturally I combined all three of those things into one DIY. Today I’m going to be showing you all how to make your very own terrarium pins! This DIY is probably my favorite one that I have done this year, and it’s actually easier to do than it looks.

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Home Decor

Desert Photos


Hi everyone! Just wanted to give you all a quick apartment update. I mentioned at one point that I was ready to change out my mantlepiece art, and I had been dying to get these desert photos that I took in Arizona printed. This is the end product!

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Holiday / Printables

Mother’s Day Printable Flower Wrap


Let me first just say Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby mamas out there! Now let me secondly say that if you totally forgot that Mother’s Day is this weekend, and need to run out to get some super expensive last minute flowers for your mom or grandmom or whoever else this printable is for you.

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