Patio Pillows


Warm weather is pretty much back and I figured that it was more than time to update my mom’s front porch pillows. As you can see the burlap ones she made last summer did not hold up too well through the elements. So we went to the fabric store, picked out some brand new outdoor fabrics and I set out to replace the pillows for her.

Originally we thought the forms inside of the old burlap pillows could be reused, but after picking it apart the insides were just very mildewy and chewed on. So in addition to a half yard of a printed and a solid fabric, we purchased 16 inch pillow forms.

First, I laid out the fabric and measured out 18 inch squares. Then I cut the squares out. Turning the two pieces of fabric front side in, I marked an inch inwards on three of the sides using chalk.

Then I pinned the sides up, and sewed the three edges together. Once the three sides were sewn I cut the corners down to make it easier to flip inside out. After turning it inside out and sticking in the pillow form, I hand stitched the final seam closed. (Originally I was going to use velcro, but didn’t realize we were out. oops!) Then the two pillows were done! And ready to be used for relaxing summer nights!

After they were finished we ended up going back to the store to get more fabric because they turned out so good I’m making a few more!

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