Semon Wedding



Love was in the air on March 12th 2016 when Jack Semon married Julia Cieslak in Phoenix, AZ. After meeting at a Young Life event in high school, they found each other again at the same college in Flagstaff, AZ.  Shortly after, they fell in love.  After two years of dating they got engaged in September in a handmade teepee with a mountainside view, and began planning a backyard wedding for March.

When the wedding day finally came, it was a sunny and bright Saturday afternoon. When walking around to the back of house, we were immediately greeted by a warm sun, cozy space, and adorable decorations (which I will have another post on soon!) This table held the guest book with a variety of fun colored pens and was placed next to the teepee Jack made to propose to Julia in.

After signing the book, a chalkboard sign told guests to pick a seat not a side. Programs were placed on a table nearby, and water bottles were conveniently located in a basin to bring with to the seats.

The wooden alter was positioned in the corner of the yard with a large wooden cross Jack had made for Julia, and potted plants with more chalkboard signs surrounding the alter on both sides. When the ceremony started the wedding party made their way up the basement stairs and out of a wooden doorway with a cross on top to move down the aisle.

The 8 groomsmen wore bowties and suspenders while the 8 bridesmaids were in floral rompers from Urban Outfitters with curled and braided hair. This more casual styled bridal party was perfect for this laid back backyard wedding. The flower girls had braided crowns and dropped white and pink rose petals while Christian music played in the background. There was a pause, and then came the bride locked in arm with her grandfather.

Immediately the groom burst into tears of joy when he saw his soon to be wife walking towards him.

The back of that dress though…so pretty…and yes the sun was shining directly into everyone’s eyes.

They were pronounced husband and wife! And then there was this epic kiss…Congratulations Jack & Julia!

Following the ceremony everyone moved their chairs to the dining area. There were fun games such as ping pong and bags to play while the bridal party and family took pictures. A buffet dinner came next followed by some celebratory dancing and dessert before a sparkling sendoff when the happy couple drove off in a jeep under a hundred long sparklers.

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