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Sugar Skull Shirt


Not a costume person, but still want to get in the Halloween spirit? This cute sugar skull shirt is the perfect thing to wear on Halloween without having to be fully decked out in costume. And when the holiday is over this shirt works all year long!

To make your own you need:

-a black shirt

-a white bandana


-a round floral stamp, a square stamp, and a long rectangle floral stamp

-fabric paint

-embroidery floss

-sewing needles

Start by cutting a square out of the bandana about a fourth of the original size.

Fold the fabric in half and figure out where the stamps might be placed to make the face of the skull. I sketched out the general shape of the skull around the stamps with white chalk as a guide.

After cutting out the shape I placed the stamps on top to ensure I was liking the shape of the skull. From here you can adjust the shape and size on the shirt to see what you like.

After lightly painting a layer of black fabric paint on the stamp I placed the eyes onto the white fabric. If you want to use a different color or even a multitude of colors for the skull feel free! I wanted mine to be classic black, but with a sugar skull design like this the options are limitless.

To make the nose of the skull I only painted just over half of my square stamp.

I stamped the square on an angle so it ended up being a triangle for the nose of the skull.

When dry, lay out the skull shape back on the shirt to see what it looks like. Then cut a rectangle out of the remaining bandana fabric for the mouth.

Using a lacy rectangle shaped stamp position over the mouth piece of fabric.

Lightly brush the black fabric paint over the stamp…and now your skull has some teeth.

Position the top of the skull where you like it on the shirt and hand-stitch the piece into position.

When that is secured onto the shirt, position the jaw part of the skull where you like it under the top.

And hand-stitch that piece on as well.

The rough edges of the fabric add to the look of the skull, and after a quick ironing job this shirt is ready to wear!

I can’t wait to wear this to work on Halloween!

I hope you enjoy making your own sugar skull tees! >>


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