Tree Slice Chalkboard


It definitely feels like it is time to start putting a few things out for Thanksgiving. I made this tree slice into a chalkboard a little while back and thought it would be cute holiday decoration if I wrote a nice Thanksgiving saying on it in chalk like “thankful” or “gather”.

The stump slice that I used is one from my backyard that was never sanded down smooth. I like the rustic and unfinished look it gave, but if you are looking to make one yourself you can always buy the pre-cut and sanded ones from a craft supply store. I also used chalkboard paint and chalk, but again the smoother and more precise option for this decoration would be to use a chalk pen when doing the lettering.

I roughly painted a nice circle inside of the tree slice…

being careful to get inside all of the cracks and grooves.

And gave it a thin second coat before letting the stump completely dry.

Then I used my chalk to write gather on the chalkboard, adding some leaves and a swirl.

The new chalkboard sign looks so cute with a nice bouquet of fresh flowers. I love how perfectly they work together on display.

And it is the perfect decoration for Thanksgiving as everyone gathers together to give thanks for all the blessings we have. >>



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