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If for some reason you are reading this and don’t notice anything different then let me just tell you this exciting news now; URK-ART HAS HAD A SITE UPDATE! I am so so beyond excited to finally share what I have been working on the past few weeks with you all, and here it is in a sparkling new website.

Wow guys, I literally cannot believe it has been two whole months since I have shared anything on Urk-Art and while I have missed posting, I have not been idle. Granted I did take a short break after the death of my dog, followed by another break for a Florida vacation, but other than that I have been working hard on putting this new site together.

Go on and click around! Let me know what you think in the comments. With the site being so new, if you happen to see anything that doesn’t look quite right or isn’t working as it should on the site please let me know in the comments so I can get it fixed up as soon as possible! Or you know, you can just comment on how much you like everything and on how pretty the new site looks. Whichever you prefer.

I’m still on WordPress, and the theme I used is called Unveil by the amazing folks over at Blogzilla Studio. I highly highly recommend their themes, because OH MY are they beautiful. So, yes, switching things over has taken some time, but I think it was extremely worth it overall, and now I feel more excited than ever to share some amazing content with you all. I’ve got so many new ideas for ways to grow the blog, and topics to explore and conversations to start.

Another exciting new feature that will be coming to the blog really soon but that isn’t quite ready yet is an updated portfolio section with brand new samples of design work. This is in order to phase out my personal portfolio site while opening Urk-Art up to accept freelance projects. I’m super excited about the idea of collaboration, and cannot wait to start working on new and exciting projects.

Well, I wanted to keep this short and sweet so thanks so much for reading! I hope you are as excited as I am about the new and improved site. It really should improve overall readability and help me to put quality content out there. Keep checking back and be sure to subscribe to the e-mail list over on the sidebar to continue on this journey with me!

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