DIY / Fangirl Friday

Watercolor Notebooks


Have a favorite quote that you want to remember, but don’t know where to put it? Yep, happens to me all of the time so I decided to put some of my favorite Batman quotes on these cool custom watercolored notebooks. It’s a fun little project to do on a gloomy afternoon.

To make one you need a plain white notebook, sharpie, and some watercolor paint.

I laid out my quote in pencil first before writing it on the front cover in sharpie. You can also type it out in a script font and trace it onto the cover if you aren’t confident in lettering the quote by hand.

Then when the quotes were finished it was time to add some color. I just did a simple color wash over the quotes to add some life and color and once the paint dried they were finished! It is such an easy way to make something useful and very personal. Gift idea anyone??

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