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Well…I Moved


Hey everyone! As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting much at all lately. These summer months have been crazy busy with people visiting in addition to me moving into a new apartment! Now that everything is starting to fall back into a nice routine and my place is almost looking how I like it I wanted to start sharing things with you all again!

SO here is a little sampling as to what the apartment looks like so far, but I still have plenty of ideas for more projects that I will be sharing right here!

I love the character this place has, and the neighborhood is just as historic and cute! I’ll definitely be sharing some photos of downtown Riverside soon because it’s just amazing.

Okay so the bedroom and office/studio are still works in progress and I don’t have photos to show yet, but so far so good in getting everything together! Even though I haven’t been in this apartment very long yet it is already feeling like home. >>

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