Wood Shoe Decoupage


I picked up this awesome pair of wooden shoes from the wooden shoe shop in Holland Michigan when we were there for the annual tulip festival. You can see more of the photos from tulip time BY CLICKING HERE. When looking through all of the options of shoes I picked the plain wood knowing that I would want to customize them later with a painting or drawing.

After having them for a little while though I decided that the coolest thing to do to give these wooden shoes a little more personality would be to create a pattern on them using paper decoupage. I used mod podge, pre-cut triangle confetti in shades of metallic patterns, and the shoes.

While placing the pieces I started by laying out small sections first to see how I wanted them to fall before gluing each piece into place.

I tried to keep the pattern random but flowing as I moved along the side of each shoe. Overall I thought that the look should feel flowing, but should not be exactly the same on each side.

I didn’t want the entire shoe to be overpowered with this design so I only decoupaged the outside edge of each shoe. This really lets the wood of the shoe show through and lets it keep its handmade look and feel.

I’m so excited to wear these when relaxing outside this summer. Of course I won’t wear them for too long or for any great distance as I’ve quickly learned that despite how cute and quirky wood shoes are they are far from comfortable.

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