Zebra Sweater Pillow


This cute pillow project is a fun way to keep old sweaters that no longer fit, but you still love. This particular zebra sweater is one that was destined for the donation bin after shrinking in the wash. I loved the design on it though and wanted to turn it into something that I could continue to enjoy for a while.

To make your own you only need sewing supplies, an old sweater, scissors and stuffing. First cut the top off of the sweater so that you have a rectangle shaped piece of fabric. You are then going to turn it inside out and fold up the edges to the height you would like. Sew along the edges leaving a small hole to stuff. Flip the fabric inside out, stuff it, and sew up the spot you stuffed from. There you now have a cute pillow keepsake made out of a piece of clothing you would have otherwise discarded!

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