Visual Development: The Man Who Stole The Moon


There are some projects that are so exciting you can’t so no to them, and this was one that I just had to take on despite my full time job. I’ve always wanted to illustrate for a music video, and I’d never done any actual visual development work for animation before. So when an old friend approached me about collaborating on a music video animation project I couldn’t say no. The process was very intense, but also very rewarding. I lost about three months of my free time, but here is a look into some of the visual development and illustration process.

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Design / DIY / Illustration

Linocut Printmaking


In the spirit of learning new things this year I decided that it was time to try something I’ve always found fascinating. Linocut print making. I figured there is no better time to learn a new ink technique than right in the middle of Inktober. So after a few trips to the art supply store, I was ready to get carving.

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Home Decor / Life

Well…we moved…again.


If you know me at all you probably know that my fiancé and I spent the last year in a living hell of an apartment on the North Side of Chicago. Not that the location itself was bad, just the thinness of the walls in combination with a close proximity to at least 6 college boys. And while moving in these uncertain times seemed a little daunting at first, there really wasn’t another option for us. So we moved…again.

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My Blog Break


To say it has been a crazy year so far is an understatement. But to be honest for me it had been a bit crazy even before the pandemic hit and quarantines started in earnest. As some of you may have noticed that craziness resulted in my taking a several year long blog break. I’ve honestly drafted this post at least a dozen times now trying to get back into the blogging groove. Between getting promoted to Design Director at CBS Chicago, finally visiting the Urquhart Castle in Scotland and trying to get better at illustration, I’ve taken a break from posting here. A rather long break, but I’m happy to say that I’ll be back to blogging whenever I get the chance because like everyone else quarantined at home this year… What else is there to do? I’m not going to lie the posts will probably look a little different from past posts but that’s okay with me. For now here is a little glimpse into what I have been up to since I last posted in 2018…

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DIY Constellation Clutch


Ever get that feeling inside where you just want to sit around casually watching Netflix while bedazzling something? Well, I had that feeling this past weekend and thought that a constellation would be something really cute to bedazzle. Naturally I spent a few minutes looking around the house for something to add some sparkle to and boom! I found a plain black medium-sized wallet and with some imagination turned it into a super cute constellation clutch.

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Palm Catch-All Dish


Rings in the bathroom, rings in the kitchen, rings just end up everywhere in my apartment. I wanted to make something cute to put them all in and this unique air-dry clay hand catch-all was what I came up with!

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Home Decor

Mini Library


Finally! A home for all of these books I’ve been getting lately. I was so excited to finally set up an area for my books that I wanted to share it with you all. It always feels good to cross another item off of the home to-do list.

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