DIY Clay Marbled Coasters


I’ve been looking for a new set of coasters for a while now as a fancier option for guests compared to my everyday cute crocheted ones my mom made for me. And since nothing really popped out at me in stores, I decided it would be a good idea to just make a set! These air dry clay coasters are actually really easy to make and look super elegant when finished.

To get started you will need some black and white air dry clay, a rolling pin, and something to cut out your coasters with. I used a large lid to a jar as my cutting tool and that worked perfectly, but a cookie cutter or even bowl would just as well too. In all I spent less than 20 dollars on supplies. With the supplies I made 10 coasters total and still have half the black and white clay left to use another time.

First take a piece of string or thread and cut some pieces of clay. Cut the pieces about a half an inch thick all the way down the block of clay. For this coaster I am using the black clay as a base with the white clay as accents. Therefore I used only used a small amount of white in comparison to black. I reversed this in some of the coasters, but you can also do other colors too if you want! I picked black and white for a classic look.

Wrap bits of the accent colored clay around your base color clay.

Then twist the two colors of clay together.

Smash the clay into a ball with your hands.  You can twist one or two additional times if you want to make a more intricate design, but be careful not to overwork the clay or else you will lose the marled look.

Roll out the clay to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.

Use your lid or other shaped cutter to cut out your coaster.

Keep repeating this process until you have as many coasters as you need. You can mix a larger amount of clay and cut out several shapes at once to make the process go faster but I wanted to make each one super unique and play with the different amounts of black and white clay.

Then just leave them alone for a day to dry out and harden!

If you like the coasters the way they are when dried out, add a protective coating and you are done! I wanted to add some gold to the coasters though to make them feel more finished.

I used a gold permanent marker to color in half of the circles on some coasters. I eyeballed the line, but you can use a ruler to mark it out if you aren’t confident in drawing a straight line.

On some of the other coasters I just did a gold edge.

It really depended on how much I liked each coaster’s individual pattern to decide which I would cover more with gold. You could also use paint of any color for this step if you’d rather not use a marker. I think teal would look great!

When the gold is dry, coat them with a light protective coating to seal the clay and they are ready for use! I hope you all enjoy making these fun coasters as much as I did! >>

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