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With Father’s Day right around the corner I wanted to share a fun and easy DIY project inspired from dads. Now my dad isn’t a fisherman so I’m not entirely sure how I got this idea, but he does like to eat fish, and he likes me so I figured he would probably like a handmade fish keychain. Plus they are super cute to make for yourself too.

Making these is actually really easy, and follows a similar process to when I made DIY Terrarium Pins. To make them yourself you will need: White Skrinky Dinks, Scissors and Hole Punch, Black Permanent Marker, Acrylic Paint (Color Of Your Choice), Pliers, Chain Links and a Key Ring.

Start by cutting a general fish shape out the shrinky dink plastic. They do not have to be perfect. I made mine slightly smaller than the paper’s width. You should be able to get 3-4 per sheet. Then hole punch a circle out of the top of the fish shape. You can carefully cut a circle shape using an Xacto Knife if you do not have a hole punch. Next draw on your fish details using permanent marker. I only did an eye, gills and tail details. Then bake the fish shapes according to package instructions until they shrink. After the fish cools, paint half of the fish using a color of your choice. I painted right over my marker lines and redrew them back on after the paint dried. You can either paint a solid color on the back, leave it white or repeat the same design. After everything dries use your pliers to attach a few chain links and the keyring. Then this keychain is ready to go.

I love how quirky they turned out! Each one is so unique, and you can always put your own creative spin on them if you want by adding scales, more color, or even longer chain. I hope you like making your own!

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