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DIY Halloween Chokers


Halloween definitely has snuck up on me this year so I wanted a super subtle way to get into the spirit and thought that some very simple DIY chokers would be the perfect accessory for the holiday without going too overboard. The best part is that these are probably the easiest DIY I have done to date.

To make these you’ll need ribbon of your choice, 2 ribbons ends, 1 clasp, jump rings, scissors, and jewelry pliers. I got these ribbons and a few others from bbdsupplies on Etsy, and I highly recommend them. (pumpkins. bats. ghosts.) For something as small as a choker 1/2 yard is plenty. I also recommend this jewelry kit from amazon because it has all of the pieces you will need in a variety of different colored finishes to make more jewelry later. Can’t even say how many times I’ve used it now.

Start the choker by putting a ribbon end on one end of the ribbon. Then wrap the ribbon around your neck to figure out how long you are going to need it to be. Cut the length with your scissors, and add another ribbon end to the next side. Using the jewelry pliers attach the clasp on one side and some rings on the other. You can also use a 1-2 length of chain in the back if you’d prefer it looser. Mine fit me perfectly without that though.

It’s such a quick and easy project. All three chokers took me under ten minutes to make, and that included photograph time. Paired with last year’s DIY Sugar Skull Shirt, it’s the subtle way I am choosing to celebrate Halloween this year. >>

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