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DIY Herringbone Hair Clip


Herringbone on your floors, and herringbone in your hair.

To make these clips you need 1/16″ balsa wood(I found some at Michaels pre-cut into long strips), a ruler, Xacto or Craft knife, cutting board, hair clip of your choice and glue. I used hot glue to put this together but realized that super glue, or something like E6000 would work just as good.

Start by cutting the balsa wood into 10 or 12 3/4″ rectangles. Then start arranging them into a herringbone pattern. Carefully glue the edges of the pieces together into the shape. Then glue the wood piece onto your hair clip, and you are done! From here you can stain, paint or do a combination of those things to personalize the clip.

I’m really happy with how they all turned out, and I hope you are too!





4 comments on “DIY Herringbone Hair Clip”

  1. I too think that the hair slide is great, a lovely individual look. Unfortunately I have recently had my hair cut and the length would not sustain a clip such as this.
    But the jacket too! Did you make it? The colours are wonderfull, do you have the pattern?

    1. Thanks! My mom actually crocheted that jacket for me so I don’t the pattern she used, but I’m sure its out there somewhere.

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