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DIY Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging


It’s that time again when the cleaning, redecorating and arranging bug comes to bite everyone. I still cannot believe that I still have so much bare space on my walls, but since I do that means that it is the perfect time to make a new wall hanging. This one is super easy and won’t take long at all.

To make this wall hanging I used a copper hoop, various sized wooden beads, scissors and two types of yarn. As for yarn I used one regular yarn in a soft oatmeal color, and then a rust colored super thick yarn.

The first step is to cut out pieces of yarn. I laid out the yarn next to the hoop to see how long I wanted to make it. Once the yarn length is decided upon make sure to double it before cutting since it will end up being knotted in the middle.

Fold one piece of the thick yarn in half and place it under the hoop. Start on the bottom of the hoop using whatever color thick yarn you have. Take the tail part of your yarn over the brass hoop and through the yarn loop before pulling tight. Hopefully that description makes sense. If in doubt use the photos as a reference. Continue this technique along the bottom of the hoop until there is enough yarn to cover just under half of the brass hoop.

For added texture, add some pieces of the thin yarn in between each piece of thick yarn using the same knotting technique as before.

Then after figuring out how long you want the top thin pieces of yarn to be, begin the same process as before along the top of the brass hoop. Add on until you think the top is full enough but still leave some of the bottom peeking through on each side.

Adding the beads is an added step that you can totally skip if you want. I laid out my design on top of the yarn before stringing them through, sliding them into position, and gently knotting underneath so each bead would stay in place.

Tie a final piece of yarn on each end of your top rows to hang the final piece from.

Then hang the piece on the wall and trim the top layer into a very slight triangle shape. If you want to trim up the bottom layer too, feel free.

Now I just need to find a permanent home for this one! Maybe up in the bedroom? Or office? I’m not sure yet, but I know it’ll go somewhere.

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