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DIY Valentines


Valentine’s Day is only three weeks away, and I am so excited to have partnered with PARABO PRESS to make some really cute DIY Valentine’s Day cards.

These Valentines are the perfect way to add a really personal touch for your special sweetheart or your favorite gals. To make these I used a set of twenty-five 4″ square prints from PARABObut you can always size up to 5.5″ if you want to make them a little bit bigger.

In this post I am going to show two different options on how to make your own; one is slightly easier, but they both involve cut paper hearts and lots of photos!

To make these DIY Valentines you need:

-Square Photos

-Any Paper of Your Choosing ( I used shades of pink)

-Heart Paper Punches (I have a .5″ and 2.5″ punch)

-Double Stick Tape


-X-Acto Knife

For Valentine Card option one, use your heart paper punches to punch a whole lot of hearts out of your paper. I mostly ended up using the smaller-sized hearts for these, but feel free to make them whatever size you like!

Place a small amount of double stick tape on the back of the hearts. You can also use a glue stick if you want them to be more secure.

Then gently place the hearts on top of the photos. There are so many fun ways to place and arrange the hearts! I really had fun playing around with all of the different designs you can put together.

Then all you need to do to finish these off is write some messages on the back and you are ready to hand them out!

This ombre look from light to dark pink is one of my favorites!

And they are perfect to make for your love or your besties!

For DIY Valentine Card option 2, you are going to die-cut a heart shape out of the paper to reveal the photo underneath instead of adding hearts on top.

Start by cutting your paper to 4″x 8″ or 5.5″ x 11″ if you upgraded to the larger square prints. The photo might be a little smaller or larger than the 4″ or 5.5″ so measure it first just to make sure that the paper you cut fits snuggly when wrapped around each photo.

Fold the paper in half. When you open it back up, trace one of the large heart cut-outs in the center of the square on the left side. If you are feeling ambitious with your cutting skills you can always add-on additional hearts to make different designs. I liked keeping it simple with a single heart shape.

Then, carefully cut out that heart shape with your X-Acto knife. This step takes a lot of patience and a sharp blade to really get those curves looking good.

Keeping the paper open, place a small amount of double stick tape in each corner of the right side. The cool thing about these Valentine’s Day Cards is that after you give them out, the photo can fairly easily be removed and kept forever! Just make sure not to press down too hard on the tape.

Once your photo is taped in, rub over the crease again to flatten the whole thing down.

And now you have really cute die-cut Valentines that you can write messages inside!

I hope you all have as much fun making these as I did! If you are going to make a set for yourself head over to PARABO PRESS and get your first set of twenty-five 4″ square prints for free, just pay shipping, using the code URKSQ.

Happy Crafting and Valentine’s Day my loves. >>

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