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In the spirit of learning new things this year I decided that it was time to try something I’ve always found fascinating. Linocut print making. I figured there is no better time to learn a new ink technique than right in the middle of Inktober. So after a few trips to the art supply store, I was ready to get carving.

I purchased a few different types of linoleum and a cheap basic carving set with several tip options. I started simple using some leftover easy-carve I already had from a craft project years ago.. The fish and radio were quick warm-ups I drew with pencil directly on 2″x3″ blocks.

After those warm-ups I tried some more complex designs using different types of linoleum to get a feel for what felt best. I’m still unsure if I preferred the spaceship grey or golden lino. Although the soft lino was the easiest to carve (especially with my cheap carving tools), it also produced really janky lines that I didn’t particularly love. But at least I didn’t cut my fingers accidentally while carving the easy carve material like I did with the grey/golden. Every type had a few pros and cons I guess. After further reflection I’m not sure I’m actually patient enough to carve nicely.

Throughout the week I did a whole bunch of little witch-inspired carvings on easy carve. These are the ones that printed with shaky lines, but ended up decently cool when looked at in a set.

For my larger pieces, I first did a playing card inspired queen. So obsessed with all the texture in the that design. Then I did a fisherman, a witch and a moth on a hand.

I tried two different types of paper for these to see how the paper texture changed the look. I think I prefer the slightly more expensive thicker textured printmaking paper.

The prints on the whole are far from perfect, but overall I think it was a decent start! And not awful for a beginner. Are there any creative things you have tried doing this year? I’d love some more ideas on new things to try!

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