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Mini Photo Wall Hanging


I don’t know about you all but I have been OBSESSED with making wall hangings lately. If you got a chance to see my MACRAME PHOTO WALL HANGING last month then this project will look very familiar. I had a few remaining photos left from my set of 25 squares from PARABO PRESS and still had plenty of wall space.

If the one I made last month was too big for your space this is a great option. It is also a lot easier to gift at this size especially considering you can make 8 of these mini wall hangings out of one set of 25 squares.


This project calls for the same supplies as before only on a smaller scale:

-3 4″ square photos

-Macrame Cord

-Cotton Twine


-Elastic Bands

-A Wood Dowel Rod (16″ wide)


-Hot Glue

I started this one out by figuring out the spacing I wanted between each of the photos on this hanging. On my 16″ dowel rod I measured out one inch between the three photos and one inch on the ends. I placed a small mark 3″ out, 8″ out and 13″ out as the centers of each photo. This is where you are going to attach the macrame cord.


Making the tassels is as easy as wrapping several loops of cotton twine. Make the loops as long as you want but keep in mind you will be folding them in half to make the tassel.

Using the elastic bands tie the fold of your tassel loop onto the macrame cord upside down. Once the string is all secure, flip the strings all down and cut any remaining loops.

Then carefully hot glue the macrame cord onto your marks on the dowel rod. I try to make sure the end of the cord is aligned with the back of the dowel rod. Cut the tops of the cords to varying lengths for a more dynamic shape before gluing them in place.

Finally I used masking tape like before to attach the photos to the cord from behind. This is so that the photos can easily be adjusted on the cord or swapped out in the future. And the mini photo wall-hanging is all done!

I love how cute it looks compared to the larger counterpart. It’s like the bigger one had a baby!

I cannot reiterate enough how easy these are to make! Head over to PARABO PRESS and get your first 25 4″ square photos for free using the code URKSQ. If you do make one be sure to tag me on social media as I’d love to see these in your home! >>


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