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Mother’s Day Printable Flower Wrap


Let me first just say Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby mamas out there! Now let me secondly say that if you totally forgot that Mother’s Day is this weekend, and need to run out to get some super expensive last minute flowers for your mom or grandmom or whoever else this printable is for you.

To quickly wrap up a bouquet of your own you need: fresh flowers, paper towels, a plastic baggie, tape, brown kraft paper, printable graphic wrap, scissors and optional twine.

Start by printing out the graphic sheets of XOXO patterned paper. I made a small and large version of the design to pick from. If you have a smaller bouquet or decide to pull one apart to make a few small ones you will only need one sheet of paper per bouquet. However, if you are wrapping a fuller bouquet of flowers like the tulips I wrap below you should print out a few sheets per bouquet and carefully tape the edges together from behind to form a larger sheet.

Wait until you are ready to leave the house before wrapping the flowers so they can stay nice and fresh. Start by wrapping the ends of the flowers in damp paper towels followed by adding the plastic baggie overtop to keep the ends moist while protecting the paper from getting wet. Then wrap around the stems with a brown craft paper into a tight cone shape and carefully tape the edges. Next wrap the printed paper around the brown paper leaving a small amount peeking out of the top and gently tape this closed too.

For the smaller bouquets of flowers, simply tape the paper into a tight cone shape and place the flowers inside. For the finishing touch tie some twine around the bouquet and add an optional gift tag. This is the perfect quick and simple DIY to show mom how much you care.

Large XOXO Pattern >> Click Here to Download

Small XOXO Pattern >> Click Here to Download

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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