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Potato Stamped Pumpkin Pillow


With the changing of seasons comes also the changing of home decorations to match. And in my apartment that means switching out my couch pillow to something that feels more seasonally appropriate.

I wanted to make a new pillow that brought out fall colors and felt really cozy so I decided to make my own pattern on fabric using homemade stamps.

To make it yourself you need:

  • A Potato
  • A Knife
  • Fabric
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint
  • Black Marker
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Pillow Form or Stuffing

I started by cutting a potato in half to create the stamps out of.

Carefully carve a circle in each one adding a stem and creases to create the pumpkin shape that becomes the stamp. They aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes them so charming.

Lightly brush some orange paint onto the potato stamp and press onto the fabric.

I love the faded look of the paint on the fabric, and even though I only used two stamps each pumpkin looks unique from the rest.

Alternating between the two stamps, create a random design with the pumpkins on the fabric.

After the paint is dry use a permanent or fabric marker to outline the basic shape of each pumpkin.

Overall, this step gives the pumpkins a cute sketchy feel. It also makes the shape easily identifiable from further distances.

Next, turn the fabric pieces inside out and pin up the edges of the fabric in preparation to sew it.

Sew up the edges leaving a small opening on one side to stuff.

Stuff up the pillow using stuffing or a pillow form and hand stitch the opening closed. Then you have a perfect pumpkin pillow to decorate for fall.

You can carve your stamp into any shape and use any color paint you want on your pillows. Black fabric with little white stamped ghosts would be adorable if you are looking to make something for Halloween, but the options are endless!

And when you are all done creating, it is time to relax! >>




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