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Spider Web Caramel Apple Slices


With Halloween fast approaching and fall in full swing I wanted to share a really yummy festive treat! These spider web caramel apple slices are a perfect bite-sized snack for a spooky get together. Or if you are an introvert like me, they are perfect for eating alone while watching Hocus Pocus.

The ingredients you’ll need for this one are granny smith apples, caramel, pretzel sticks, white chocolate and mini chocolate chips. Start by cutting the apples vertically into slices.

Then spread the caramel on top of each slice. It doesn’t have to look perfect.

Place a pretzel stick in the caramel, then break several more sticks in half to create a star shaped pattern on the apple slice. Melt some white chocolate and place in a piping/ziplock bag.

Drizzle the white chocolate in spirals around the pretzels to create the spider web shape. Then sprinkle some mini chocolate chips on top to be the ‘bugs’ caught in your web. You could also add spider sprinkles or try it with some chocolate covered peanuts.

Serve immediately.  If you let them sit out for too long the pretzels will get soggy from the caramel and the caramel sauce will melt off of the apples. You could try a version without the pretzels to avoid this, or you could use homemade caramel that dries instead of the dipping caramel I used. You could also try setting up a caramel apple slice bar so that people can add their own toppings at a party. I know, I know, too many choices. Regardless, they are delicious. I hope you enjoy, and have a happy Halloween!




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