Hand-Stamped Gift Wrap


While everyone loves opening gifts the same can’t really be said for wrapping them unless you possess a special talent for making things beautiful. Now I have never been good at wrapping anything, but wanted to try to make something special this year.

So in the spirit of Christmas I thought why not make my own wrapping paper? It’s really easy to do, but I have never done it before. I found some old snowflake stamps I had laying around, brown kraft paper, tape, a sharpie and red and white cotton string.

I went ahead and used some white paint to stamp various sized snowflakes all over my kraft paper and when the paper was dry it was ready to use. After wrapping the gifts up, I tied the packages up with the red and white string and added either gift tags or wrote directly onto the paper.

And then there were presents under the tree ready to be opened!

If you want to make your own you don’t even need kraft paper, but you can reverse out saved grocery bags and cut them flat. And to embellish further you can add gift tags, bows or fresh cut pine branches.

I’d love to see how you all wrapped up your gifts this year! There are so many creative ways to wrap beyond traditional wrapping paper. Happy wrapping everyone! >>

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