DIY / Fangirl Friday

Watercolor Notebooks


Have a favorite quote that you want to remember, but don’t know where to put it? Yep, happens to me all of the time so I decided to put some of my favorite Batman quotes on these cool custom watercolored notebooks. It’s a fun little project to do on a gloomy afternoon.

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DIY / Home Decor

Macrame Photo Wall Hanging


I decided it was time to add a little decoration to my wall. I love the look of macrame wall hangings and wanted to make one that incorporated some photos to personalize it. This is what I came up with.

I got a set of 25 photos printed from a site called PARABOPRESS to use for this project. If you’re interested in getting a set of your own use this code URKSQ to get your first 25 square prints free, just pay shipping. Otherwise feel free to print out your photos any way you like. They make it easy to print out photos straight from your Instagram feed so that is what I did for this project. They add the white border and everything

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Fangirl Friday / Style

Pokemon Earrings


Alright my nerdy side is coming out today because I am so super excited for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon that I made myself a set of pokeball earrings! They were super fun to make and turned out really good!

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Tree Slice Chalkboard


It definitely feels like it is time to start putting a few things out for Thanksgiving. I made this tree slice into a chalkboard a little while back and thought it would be cute holiday decoration if I wrote a nice Thanksgiving saying on it in chalk like “thankful” or “gather”.

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Home Decor

Masking Tape Mural


Now that it gets dark before 5pm I decided it was time to add a little more cheer in my living room, but since I live in an apartment options are limited when it comes to adding some color to the walls. With that in mind I decided to make a cute masking tape mural as a temporary solution that won’t ruin my walls but will help boost my mood in the coming months!

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Dinosaur Fossil Costume


While it may be a little last minute, my idea for a quick diy Halloween costume really came together! It was super cheap, easy to make and ended up being really cute. So if you are looking for some last minute inspiration here is what I did when I made my dinosaur fossil costume!

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DIY / Holiday

Monster Candy Dish


Can’t say I will have any trick or treaters at my apartment this year, but I still wanted a small bowl of candy out to get me into the spirit. Keyword here is small bowl considering I will be the one eating said candy.

I thought it would be fun to make a monster candy dish out of air dry clay to hold my bag of candy!

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DIY / Holiday / Style

Sugar Skull Shirt


Not a costume person, but still want to get in the Halloween spirit? This cute sugar skull shirt is the perfect thing to wear on Halloween without having to be fully decked out in costume. And when the holiday is over this shirt works all year long!

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DIY / Holiday / Home Decor

Potato Stamped Pumpkin Pillow


With the changing of seasons comes also the changing of home decorations to match. And in my apartment that means switching out my couch pillow to something that feels more seasonally appropriate.

I wanted to make a new pillow that brought out fall colors and felt really cozy so I decided to make my own pattern on fabric using homemade stamps.

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