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Springtime is finally in the air! After weeks of teasing warm spells, and a blizzard last week the flowers are finally in the bloom.  Feeling inspired, I did a few fashion sketches centered around flowers.


For this first dress I wanted to do something that really captured the organic shapes of the petals. I drew a long gown with layers of petal-shaped fabric cascading to the floor. As for the top of the dress I pictured it as a nude leotard almost sheer (but not quite) with leaflike appliqués dotted around. The belt would be a crossover between petals and leaves done in a mix of bronze and gold metal to cinch her waist and seamlessly connect the two pieces.


When sketching a dress that to me really encompassed the beauty of these flowers I wanted to show multiple pieces forming a larger shape. The skirt and shoulders are ruffled into sphere-like shapes with a form fitting fabric between. I love the light purple color. As for the shoes I wanted to draw something a little harsher in comparison to the delicate flowers that would feel more powerful with the broad shoulders.


For this final sketch, I wanted to show how beautiful flowers can be before they even really bloom. I put her legs in a tight pinstripe pant to reflect the look of the twigs, and drew out a very structured asymmetrical top. There is a subtle cutout in the jumpsuit at her hips to really show the shape.

I feel like it has been forever since I was sketching ideas for fashion looks but I really have fun doing these, and might start a regular feature. Leave any suggestions for inspiration in the comments below. Maybe one day I’ll even start making a few of the looks to photograph! >>

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